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NEW SINGLE: "Reinventing Hatred" OUT now!

A Martyrs Dilemma: Biography

A Martyrs Dilemma is a Metalcore/Deathcore band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Project “A Martyrs Dilemma” was originally established in 2021, by the metal artist “Justin Erickson” as he teams up with production powerhouse “Cody Pauly” from “Villain of the story” 


In the month of May 2023 “A Martyrs Dilemma” announced on social media that it has become an official Band! 

Justin ultimately teams up with Tim Sauter as the guitarist. Hunter Dralle (From Selvmord) as the bassist. Steven Roman (From Defiled Sacrament, Strappado, and Romans Revenge) as the drummer. Along with Justin Erickson as the frontman. 


The band strives to create a new sound that blends metalcore/deathcore/hardcore all in one. 

A Martyrs Dilemma is currently in the works with writing their upcoming EP titled “Reinventing Hatred” soon to release sometime in the end of 2024. 


A Martyrs Dilemma released their first debut single “Heavy Lies The Crown” on December 30th 2022, to start off the new year with a new form of metalcore with deathcore crushing vocals.

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